momloveucomdesigned:  fatacy@gmail.comphoto-joycomTuned  for  iPhone  5since  2013page11ISS  International Space Station    The ISS programme is a joint project between five participating space agencies: NASA, the Russian Federal Space Agency, JAXA, ESA, and CSA
人権とローカリズムの環境上の衝突 家康爺 の人生を通してTOKYO SKYTREE	is expected to soar 2003 feet (610 meters) into the sky over Japan's capitol city by late 2011, making it the nation's tallest man-made structure and, at least for a time, the world's.	  (東京スカイツリー) 
Mars Spirit and Phoenix for ever掘削船 ちきゅうCHANDRA X RAY NASAPortal  site  for  iPhone5Accord  Hybrid  Concept Tunned for iPhone5 by fatacyFrida Gustavasson be freedom フリーダ・グスタフソン Tuned  for  iPhone5apan+sexy+hot+model+bikini+nana  Tuned  for  iPhone5藤圭子への弔辞 と安倍晋三 fatacy's tears Tuned  for  iPhone5Akita Publishing Co., Ltd. 秋田書店解雇事件 Tuned  for  iPhone5Hanzawa Naoki Logic of Revenge 注意喚起 半沢直樹 不毛な復讐の論理の拡散 Tuned  for  iPhone5JR東海博物館 JR-MUSEUMGibson Les Paul Model with Epiphone レスポール Tuned  for  iPhone5RQ-4 Global Hawk    is a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) in service with the US Armed Forces.The UAV is remote controlled, meaning that the pilot could very well be miles away from the craft as so to reduce the risk of capture in the event
  (RQ-4 グローバルホーク) 
NASA's Mars  Curiosity's parts are similar to what a human would need to explore Mars (body, brains, eyes, arm, legs, etc.). Check it out though    (キュリオシティ) 
lucky luck and fortuneAkashikaikyo Bridge    is with a length of almost four kilometers the world's longest suspension bridge   (明石海峡大橋) 
NANO-FALCON Japanese Flying Saucer ナノファルコン Tuned  for  iPhone5Dragonfly   is in Europe. They frequently fly high up into the sky in search of prey, which includes butterflies, Four-spotted Chasers and tadpoles; small prey is eaten while flying. The females lay the eggs into plants such as pondweed, and always lay alone.   (トンボ) 
JS Hyūga, DDH-181  Japanese  Battleship:   A Marine MV-22 Osprey aircraft lands on the Japanese destroyer JS Hyuga Friday, June 14, 2013, in coastal waters off San Diego. The aircraft made an unprecedented landing on   (ヘリ空母 護衛艦 ひゅうが) 
Tea  Cup  Poodle  belongs to the show-business  'Metal   Tea  Cups'   (プードル物語) 
Osprey v-22 オスプレイ米国最新鋭原子力航空母艦 ジョージ・ブッシュJS Hyūga, DDH-181  Japanese  Battleship:   A Marine MV-22 Osprey aircraft lands on the Japanese destroyer JS Hyuga   (ヘリ空母 護衛艦 ひゅうが) Lifetime Roulette man 60 years 人生のルーレット 60歳男性の取り違え Tuned  for  iPhone5